Imagine a haven away from the stresses of everyday life. A stylish place where friends can meet to enjoy superb casual dining, yet somewhere that is much more than a sophisticated café: a place to be inspired, where the artist in all of us is given free rein to paint beautiful, individual works of art.

Part café, part artist studio, Café Céramique is designed as a home away from home, with comfortable seating areas, art-lined walls and a relaxed, laid-back ambience. The café is not exclusive to seasoned artists – in fact you need never have picked up a paintbrush before in order to produce stunning, unique ceramics you would be proud to display or gift to loved ones.

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Color Your Team!

Cafe Ceramique is a perfect place to conduct your "COLOR YOUR TEAM" event. We provide you with the perfect palette to bring color to your team. We can conduct group events in a relaxing and cozy ambience. We challange you to build your team through fun and creativity.